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Buccellatti Leaf Earrings - V20100

These beautiful earrings exemplify Buccellati's exquisite craftsmanship with an enchanting design, florentine finish and whimsical engraved earring motifs. For almost a century Buccellati has formed a bold and recognizable style referencing the goldsmiths of the renaissance that has stood the test of time. Pioneers in the art of texture-engraving have created pieces that are crafted to look like flowers, leaves, lace and silk. The most distinctive aspect of Buccellati pieces are the rich textural quality. The earrings measure 1.4 inches in length by .7 inches in width.
Additional Details
Item# 20100
Jewelry Type Earrings
Sub-type Stud Earrings
Metal 18k YG
Weight 0.00 cts
Weight 0.00 cts