Bvlgari 26 Carat Diamond Collar Necklace, Circa 1970s - V43984

From the House of Bvlgari, a brand synonymous with opulence and artistry, emerges a necklace that is nothing short of a masterpiece. Dating back to the resplendent 1970s, this magnificent creation is forged in the warm, radiant embrace of 18-karat yellow gold. Adorning its structure are diamonds of the purest pedigree: round brilliant cuts that together weigh an awe-inspiring 26 carats. These sparkling gems are of an impeccable E-F color and boast a clarity ranging from the nearly flawless VVS to the exceptional VS. The design of the necklace is a harmonious balance of grandeur and elegance. With a silhouette that sits with an innate gracefulness upon the collar, it exudes an aura of regal charm. Precisely measured, its length stretches a perfect 16 inches, while its substantial weight of 169 grams. This Bvlgari creation is an ode to timeless splendor.