Bvlgari Serpenti 3.11 Carat Diamond & Emerlad Earrings -V44538

Originating from the illustrious Italian atelier of Bvlgari, these earrings are a distinguished part of the highly esteemed Serpenti collection, a line celebrated for its embodiment of elegance, mystery, and the transformative power of high jewelry. These earrings are exquisitely crafted from 18k white gold, adorning these serpentine treasures is a breathtaking array of round brilliant cut diamonds, totaling approximately 3.11 carats. Each diamond has been meticulously selected to ensure a color grade of F and a clarity of VS, resulting in a display of light and brilliance that is truly captivating. The diamonds are set in a pavé arrangement, reminiscent of the exquisite scales of a serpent, lending the earrings a texture that is both luxurious and tactile. At the heart of these serpentine masterpieces lie four vibrant green pear-shaped emerald eyes, weighing approximately 0.51 carats. These emeralds are not mere gemstones; they are the windows to the soul of these serpents, imbued with a depth and intensity that is almost lifelike. The verdant hue of the emeralds contrasts strikingly with the icy sparkle of the diamonds, evoking the mesmerizing gaze of the serpent. These earrings, measuring 22.8mm by 11.9mm and weighing 15.2 grams, are designed to drape elegantly, offering a sense of movement and fluidity that is inherent in the Serpenti motif. The craftsmanship speaks to the skill and artistry for which Bvlgari is renowned, with every curve and angle meticulously considered to create a piece of wearable art. Accompanied by their original Bvlgari box and paperwork, these earrings are not only a luxurious adornment but also a piece of history from one of the world's most revered jewelry houses. The Serpenti 18 kt white gold earrings, set with pavé diamonds and two hypnotizing emerald eyes, are a celebration of the serpent’s powerful allure and Bvlgari's dedication to creating pieces that are both innovative and steeped in tradition. They are a manifestation of sophistication and glamour, embodying the precious beauty of the scales and the audacious design of the snake’s head, a true testament to the mesmerizing art of fine jewelry.