Bvlgari Sperpenti Diamond & Emerald Necklace -V43644

From the distinguished workshops of Bvlgari in Italy emerges a masterpiece of unparalleled elegance – the Bvlgari Serpenti Diamond Wrap Necklace. Fashioned meticulously in the radiant embrace of 18-karat yellow and white gold, every detail of this creation speaks of fine artistry. Adorned with a splendid array of round brilliant-cut and marquise-cut diamonds, it boasts a cumulative weight of 19.26 carats. These gemstones, gleaming with an E-F color grade and a clarity of VVS-VS, exude a luminescence akin to the stars. The necklace's grandeur is further accentuated with captivating emerald eyes and intricate Emerald and diamond scales.

Tailored to grace necklines up to 16 inches, this exquisite piece weighs an impressive 244.3 grams, a testament to its opulence and the skillful hands that shaped it. It rests majestically in its authentic Bvlgari box and is complemented by the official Bvlgari documentation, affirming its noble heritage and peerless quality.

Beyond its evident splendor, the necklace channels the mystique of ancient Egypt, where serpents symbolized enigma and divine might. It summons the spirit of the legendary Cleopatra, who often wore such commanding symbols of her royal stature. To wear this Bvlgari masterpiece is not just to adorn oneself with jewelry, but to be enveloped in a tale of history, grace, and sumptuous luxury – a narrative that finds its renaissance in the pinnacle of opulence.