Graff 32 Carat Diamond Drop Necklace -V43664

From the esteemed House of Graff emerges an exquisite masterpiece—a necklace that is the very embodiment of opulence and artisanal craftsmanship. Meticulously fashioned in the luminous sheen of platinum, this remarkable adornment boasts 32 carats of heart-shaped and round brilliant cut diamonds, E-F color, and clarity ranging from VVS to VS. A series of seven heart-shaped diamonds, like the beats of a poetic heart, cascade down the necklace, artistically interspersed. These diamonds, each more magnificent than the last, ascend in size, with the daintiest weighing a delicate 0.70 carats, nestled at the nape. The crescendo culminates in a breathtaking drop, where the largest heart, weighing an impressive 1.05 carats, makes its grand appearance. The necklace's design is as versatile as it is stunning. The pendant drop is ingeniously detachable, allowing its wearer the choice of a more subdued graduated necklace or the full splendor of the complete piece. This work of art stretches 16 inches around the neck, with the drop gracefully extending another 3 inches. Despite its intricate design, the necklace possesses a weight of 27.3 grams. As a testament to its authenticity and unmatched quality, this jewel is accompanied by its original box and official Graff documentation. The illustrious Graff legacy, founded by Laurence Graff in the heart of London in 1960, has over the span of more than half a century, carved its niche as a purveyor of the world's most enchanting jewelry. This necklace, a seamless convergence of expert craftsmanship and the finest diamonds, stands as a testament to the unparalleled perfection consistently delivered by the House of Graff.