Vivid Diamond 100 Carat Diamond Cluster Bracelet -V43033

An exquisite masterpiece hailing from the esteemed ateliers of Vivid Diamonds. This grandiose cluster bracelet, wrought in fine platinum, presents a sparkling tableau of approximately 100 carats of diamonds in an array of captivating shapes - from the timeless allure of round brilliants, the romantic charm of heart shapes, to the intriguing silhouettes of pear and oval cuts. These stones, ranging from F-H in color and exhibiting VS-I1 clarity, offer an enchanting spectacle of sparkle and purity. This resplendent piece spans a length of 7 inches, with a breadth of 1.25 inches, adding to its remarkable presence. It carries a substantive weight of 101.1 grams, a testament to its solid craftsmanship and sumptuous appeal.