Vivid Diamonds 14 Carat Diamond In and Out Hoop Earrings -V44683

 Crafted with unparalleled precision and elegance by the esteemed House of Vivid Diamonds, this pair of earrings is a true testament to the art of fine jewelry. Each earring is fashioned 18 karat yellow gold, a metal celebrated for its rich hue and lasting beauty. Embedded within these golden treasures are 164 exquisitely cut round brilliant diamonds, collectively weighing approximately 14 carats, G color and VS clarity.


The design of these earrings is as thoughtful as it is luxurious. The diamonds are meticulously set along the front and the inner back of each earring, creating a continuous and full diamond appearance when viewed directly. This innovative setting enhances the visual impact, ensuring that the sparkle is visible from every angle.


Moreover, the engineering of these earrings is a feat of both aesthetic and functional design. They are constructed to sit elegantly forward on the ear, preventing any protrusion at the sides of the head. This attention to detail not only enhances comfort but also ensures a flattering profile.


The dimensions of each earring are a testament to the balance between opulence and wearability. Measuring 1.5 inches in length and 0.4 inches in width, they make a statement without overwhelming. The weight of 23.17 grams further speaks to the substantial quality of the materials used.


In summary, these earrings from the House of Vivid Diamonds are a masterpiece of jewelry craftsmanship, combining luxurious materials, expert engineering, and a design that radiates elegance and sophistication.