Vivid Diamonds GIA Certified 15.94 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Eternity Band -V45111

Presenting an exquisite creation from the House of Vivid Diamonds, this emerald cut diamond eternity band is a masterpiece hand crafted in platinum. The piece showcases 15 magnificent GIA-certified emerald cut diamonds, collectively weighing 15.94 carats. These diamonds are of an exceptional quality, ranging in color from D to F and boasting a clarity from VVS1 to VS1, ensuring a display of unmatched purity and luminosity.

Each diamond has been meticulously chosen and harmoniously aligned to craft a continuous circle of elegance, resulting in a breathtaking display of light and splendor. The band itself, with a width of 7.7mm, is a testament to refined craftsmanship, weighing 9.8 grams and sized at 6. Designed with an emphasis on comfort, this magnificent band is engineered to grace the finger with a gentle embrace, allowing for a sublime wearing experience.

This piece is not merely an item of adornment but a symphony of brilliance and fire, meticulously crafted to celebrate the eternal beauty of diamonds. It stands as a hallmark of luxury and elegance, a true embodiment of the craftsmanship and expertise synonymous with Vivid Diamonds.