Vivid Diamonds GIA Certified 49.55 Carat Oval Cut Diamond Riviera Necklace -V43040

Emerging from the esteemed atelier of Vivid Diamonds, this captivating Riviera diamond necklace manifests the pinnacle of artistry and refinement. Meticulously shaped in platinum, it magnificently exhibits a constellation of 73 GIA Certified oval-cut diamonds, collectively weighing an estimated 49.55 carats. These luminescent jewels possess a sublime color spectrum from D to F and clarity between VS2 and SI2. Nestled at the heart of this spectacle resides a remarkable diamond, with a weight of 2.02 carats, exhibiting a pure D color and SI2 clarity. The necklace embarks on its majestic journey with a significant width of 9.56mm, gradually descending to a fine 5.4mm as it nears the clasp. Each diamond, consciously chosen and impeccably harmonized, resides in a perpetual cascade of radiance, echoing the timeless allure of infinity. The necklace, splendid in its 15.5-inch length and total weight of 58.4 grams, defines opulence. Finalizing the elegant design, it fastens securely with a hidden tongue clasp, complemented by a safety lever. This feature ensures the perfect balance between aesthetic finesse and practical security. This necklace, with its incomparable brilliance, underscores Vivid Diamonds' commitment to the creation of extraordinary luxury.