Alon Ruschin

CEO of Vivid Diamonds and Jewelry, Wholesale Diamonds & Jewelry Dealer

Alon Ruschin Vivid Diamonds and Jewelry Miami

Alon Ruschin was born and raised in South Africa and in 1996 he began his career in the diamond industry. After only three and a half years of hard work at Magnum Diamond Cutting Works and learning every aspect of this premier company, Alon became a junior fiscal partner. Six months later he was recruited by Geffen Diamond Cutting Works in Johannesburg, one of the oldest and largest diamond cutting factories in Southern Africa, with direct connections to DeBeers.

Alon left South Africa in 2000 and moved to Miami to expand into US markets. He spent the next five years supplying diamond dealers and jewelry stores throughout world. He quickly established a reputation nationally and internationally for honesty, integrity and hard work.

Five years later, Alon formed his own manufacturing and wholesale company with offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Miami. Today he continues to supply some of the world most established diamond dealers and jewelry stores and maintains valued relationships with each of his clients.

"I endeavor to treat all of my clients with care and operate my business and personal life with integrity at all times."


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