Jewelry Buying

  • This will be based on many factors. One of the most pertinent questions is: Where was your jewelry purchased? If you purchased fine jewelry at a fair price, you are in a far better investment position.In general purchasing fine jewelry that contains good quality diamonds and gemstones will retain some value. At Vivid Diamonds, we ensure that our clients purchase spectacular jewelry at a great value. This strategy should enable you to attain the best return. 

Selling Jewelry

The best way to sell your jewelry is to visit our Miami location by appointment. 169 E Flagler St, #905 Miami, FL 33131, USA. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and building lifelong connections with our clients.

We recommend only selling to reputable companies. Our team at Vivid Diamonds has extensive experience and expert gemologists that will offer a fair value of your fine jewelry.

The majority of the time, your ring will have value. The true value will depend on the size and quality of the diamond, as well as the desirability of the ring. The best way to find out the value of your engagement ring is to contact Vivid Diamonds. We will evaluate your ring and make an immediate offer. 

  • To receive a fair value for your engagement ring, visit a reputable jewelry store or diamond office. Your ring should be evaluated by an experienced gemologist. Our gemologists have over 25 YEARS of experience and they are available to assist you with any questions that you may have. Contact us today or meet with us by Appointment 169 E Flagler St #905 Miami, FL 33131, USA.

It is our opinion that selling the engagement ring is a big part of getting closure and moving on. If you are ready to move on then selling the ring is a good idea. If you would like to know the true value of your ring, get an offer from a reputable jewelry company. At Vivid Diamonds, we are here to assist you with selling your ring at a fair price. Contact us to make an appointment to meet with one of our gemologists.

The best way to sell your engagement ring is to get multiple offers and then visit Vivid Diamonds knowing the price that you would like to attain. Our gemologists will make an immediate offer to purchase your ring.

The resale value of your engagement ring is based largely on where you purchased it. Clients that purchase diamond engagement rings from Vivid Diamonds often see a return close to the full purchase value, based on the strength of the wholesale diamond market.

Like anything else, prices fluctuate over time. In general, diamond value has an upward trajectory. The value will largely depend on the desirability of your diamond as well as the price that you paid for it. Appraisals are often inflated and do not indicate the true value.

If you would like to get the best offer for your diamond ring, make an appointment to meet with one of our expert gemologists. We will make you an immediate and fair offer.

Desirability, size and quality are 3 key factors. Having a GIA grading report on your diamond will also assist the buyer to know the exact weight and quality of the center diamond leaving very little questions or assumptions.

An appraisal is not a true indication of the value of the diamond. It is just an opinion. To determine the true value, get multiple offers from reputable diamond companies. When you have multiple congruent offers, visit us for the best offer and immediate payment.