Bvlgari Full Pave Diamond Triple Wrap Serpenti Bracelet -V43642

From the esteemed ateliers of Bvlgari Italy emerges a masterpiece that epitomizes grandeur and sophistication – the Bvlgari Serpenti Diamond Triple Wrap Bangle Bracelet. Meticulously crafted in the ethereal luminance of 18-karat white gold, this exceptional piece showcases an ensemble of round brilliant-cut diamonds, collectively weighing an astonishing 50.34 carats. E-F color, VS clarity.


This opulent bangle, sized medium, gracefully encircles the wrist with a circumference of 17 cm and has a significant weight of 180.4 grams, reflecting the sheer luxury and intricacy of its design. As a hallmark of authenticity and heritage, this bracelet is tenderly presented in its original Bvlgari box, flanked by the official paperwork that speaks of its illustrious provenance.


However, the true essence of this bracelet transcends the realms of mere ornamentation. It is a testament to the mystique of ancient Egypt – a civilization where serpents were venerated as symbols of mysticism and enigma. It conjures the spirit of the legendary Cleopatra, who, in her majestic aura, embraced similar emblems of strength and dominion. To adorn oneself with this Bvlgari creation is to weave a narrative of history, elegance, and unparalleled luxury – a timeless tale reborn in the lap of opulence.