Hammerman Brothers 30 Carat Diamond Earrings - V43945

From the esteemed House of the illustrious Hammerman Brothers, these earrings stand as a testament to the art of fine jewelry creation. Exquisitely and meticulously hand-crafted in platinum, they magnificently showcase diamonds of both oval and marquise cuts, together weighing an impressive approximate of 30 carats. These resplendent stones boast a dazzling D-E color and impeccable clarity ranging from VVS to VS. The design is not just remarkable but poetic; three-dimensional clusters of diamonds, reminiscent of celestial constellations, gracefully ascend the ear, creating an effect of sheer luminescence. An exquisite feature of these earrings is their articulation which lends a subtle vivacity, allowing the apex of each earring to move in harmony with the wearer, akin to a delicate dance.


 Their dimensions, measuring an elegant 48mm in length and reaching 25.3mm at their broadest point, coupled with a weight of 33.6 grams, assert their presence without overwhelming. The Hammerman Brothers' legacy, spanning 75 years and renowned for their old-world craftsmanship, is palpably American at its core. And it is pieces like these, 30-carat diamond earrings, that underscore the quintessence of their extraordinary artisanship.