Harry Winston 55 Carat Diamond Bracelet -V46250

From the illustrious House of Harry Winston emerges this exquisite bracelet, meticulously fashioned in platinum. Adorned with 261 resplendent round brilliant cut diamonds, weighing a remarkable 55 carats in total, each gem radiates with the pure brilliance of D-F color and the impeccable clarity of VVS-VS grade. The bracelet gracefully spans 6.5 inches in length and expands to one inch at its most opulent breadth.


Harry Winston stands as an icon in the realm of jewelers, revered for his unrivaled selection of imppecable diamonds. In 1952, the esteemed pages of Life Magazine hailed Harry Winston as the custodian of the second largest collection of historic jewels, trailing only behind the esteemed British royal family. Since 1932, Harry Winston has consistently set the standard for excellence in precious gemstones, boasting legendary acquisitions such as the Jonker Diamond. This magnificent rough diamond, weighing a staggering 726 carats, yielded twelve exquisite individual stones, the crown jewel being a magnificent 12-carat emerald-cut diamond.


For over seven decades, Harry Winston has reigned supreme as the esteemed "jeweler to the stars," adorning luminaries with unparalleled elegance and brilliance, perpetuating a legacy of timeless luxury.