Oscar Heyman Diamond & Multi Color Sapphire and Spinel Necklace Circa 1955-V43362

From the creative genius of the legendary jewelry maestro, Oscar Heyman, comes a necklace that is nothing short of a symphonic masterpiece. This magnum opus of multi-color sapphires and a singular spinel is a vivid tapestry of colors that captivates and enchants.


Boasting an impressive total weight of 136.7 carats, this radiant strand features GIA-certified, no-heat sapphires and one spinel which dazzle in an enchanting spectrum of colors. These gems dance in mesmerizing hues, from the sunlit brilliance of yellow, the soft whisper of pale yellow, the passionate embrace of vivid violet, the soothing caress of sea green, to the deep mysteries of bold blue and regal purple.


Each magnificent emerald-cut gem is meticulously arranged, and the ensemble is heightened by pairs of azure sapphires that twinkle like stars in a twilight sky. Accentuating these splendid sapphires and the alluring spinel are approximately 20 carats of both baguette-cut and round brilliant cut diamonds. These diamonds, with their pristine F color and immaculate VS clarity, add an ethereal shimmer to the composition.


Yet, the genius of this creation doesn't merely reside in its beauty, but also in its versatility. This necklace possesses the enchanting ability to transform: it can metamorphose into three individual bracelets, or be worn as a combined necklace and bracelet, or simply grace one's neckline as a singular, elongated necklace. Each bracelet elegantly measures 7 inches, and when the diamond bracelet is paired with one of the gemstone bracelets, it seamlessly forms a sophisticated 14.25-inch choker necklace. In its full, resplendent glory, the necklace extends to a luxurious 21.25 inches and carries a weight of 103.2 grams.


In essence, Oscar Heyman has once again breathed life into gemstones, crafting an emblem of versatility, elegance, and unmatched beauty.