Tiffany & Co. Platinum Aquamarine, Morganite, and Diamond Drop Necklace-V43658

From the renowned ateliers of Tiffany & Co., emerges an awe-inspiring necklace, a paragon of luxury and meticulous artistry. This splendid piece is masterfully forged in the cool, silvery luminescence of platinum. It showcases a radiant ensemble of marquise-cut morganites, which collectively weigh an impressive 29.38 carats. Complementing the morganites are the ethereal marquise-cut aquamarines, tipping the scale at 22.44 carats. The necklace is further embellished with scintillating round brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 5.40 carats, and the elegance of marquise-cut diamonds amassing a weight of 9.38 carats. Every gemstone weight is assuredly known and specified, attesting to the necklace's unparalleled authenticity. The necklace gracefully extends to a length of 16-3/4 inches, with a drop length of a lavish 3 inches, culminating in a substantial weight of 77.90 grams. It is priced at a retail $175,000, an affirmation of its peerless quality and artisanship. To complete this majestic offering, the necklace is elegantly accompanied by a signature Tiffany & Co. pouch, making it a timeless treasure both in value and beauty.