Vivid Diamonds 5.12 Carat Fancy Pinkish Purple Diamond Ring -V34531

Alluring platinum and 18k rose gold engagement ring featuring a jaw dropping GIA graded 5.12ct natural fancy pinkish purple cushion cut diamond with a clarity grade of VS2. The center diamond is surrounded by 28 round brilliant cut pink diamonds weighing .19cts. Surrounding the pink diamonds are 20 pear shape diamonds weighing 2.59cts total. This Incredible diamond is set in an enchanting ring which complements the exotic color of the diamond. Purple diamonds are extremely rare. Out of one hundred and ten million carats of diamonds mined each year, only two thousand carats are considered gem quality. Pink and purple diamonds are coveted as the most precious and lustful gemstones in the world. Natural fancy pinkish purple diamonds of this saturation and quality are so rare that jewelers go their entire career without seeing a diamond of this stature. Purple is the color of royalty, loyalty, courage and honor. For ages purple was deemed the color for kings and queens for they were the only ones that could afford the cost for the purple cloth for the clothing.