30 Carat Mystery Set Ruby & Diamond Dangle Earrings - V44022

Emerging from the realm of exceptional craftsmanship comes a pair of earrings that epitomize opulence and artistic mastery. Exquisitely forged in the ethereal luminescence of 18k white gold, these earrings are not merely an accessory, but a testament to unparalleled artisanship.


They boast a mesmerizing array of 700 impeccably invisibly set square cut rubies, each radiating with an intense crimson hue, collectively weighing an awe-inspiring ~30 carats. Suspended gracefully above this cascade of rubies are 180 scintillating round brilliant cut diamonds, their combined weight reaching approximately 1.2 carats, G color, VS-SI clarity, serve as a luminous prelude to the fiery rubies beneath.


The design narrative of these earrings is truly captivating: a modernist interpretation, where the structured elegance of a diamond cone gracefully extends into a ruby drop, gradually increasing in diameter. Unlike traditional settings, which reveal the metallic prongs clutching the gemstone, the art of invisible setting is employed here. This meticulous technique cleverly conceals the metal within the pavilion or the backside of the gemstones. This ingenious design approach creates an illusion of a seamless and unending surface, making the rubies appear as if they are flowing in a continuous, undulating crimson sea.


In the world of high jewelry, these earrings stand as a confluence of innovation and tradition, a dazzling dance of diamonds and rubies that promises to enchant and captivate the beholder.