Bvlgari Serpenti Diamond Necklace -V43641

From the esteemed ateliers of Bvlgari Italy unfurls an oeuvre of impeccable artistry and magnificence – the Bvlgari Serpenti Diamond Wrap Necklace. Each intricate detail of this masterpiece has been painstakingly fashioned in the radiant glow of 18-karat white gold. The necklace is festooned with a magnificent array of round brilliant-cut diamonds, amassing a staggering total of 74.81 carats. These jewels, resplendent in their E-F color grading and boasting a clarity range of VVS-VS, shimmer with a brilliance that's nothing short of celestial.


Designed to grace necklines of up to 16 inches, this regal adornment weighs in at a substantial 226.9 grams, bearing testament to its luxurious composition and the intricate craftsmanship that birthed it. Further elevating its esteemed lineage, this necklace is gracefully ensconced in its genuine Bvlgari box and is accompanied by the official Bvlgari documentation, a tangible testament to its illustrious origin and unmatched quality.


Yet, the necklace's true allure lies beyond its tangible beauty. It resonates with the enigmatic allure of ancient Egypt, a land where serpents were heralded as profound symbols of mystery and divine power. It evokes the indomitable spirit of the iconic Cleopatra, whose regal presence was often accentuated with such potent symbols of majesty and might. To don this Bvlgari marvel is not merely to wear a piece of jewelry but to drape oneself in a saga of history, sophistication, and unmatched luxury – a chronicle reborn amidst the zenith of lavishness.