David Webb Curly Lion Coral Bangle Bracelet -V46594

From the illustrious House of David Webb emerges the "Curly Lion" bracelet, an exquisite creation from their renowned Kingdom collection. This enchanting bangle, crafted in 18-karat yellow gold, features a lion's head intricately carved from coral, adorned with mesmerizing cabochon emerald eyes. The lion's head is further accentuated by a disk of round brilliant diamonds, which the lion appears to be biting. Enhancing the majestic lion's allure is a diamond-studded collar and a tail wrapped in shimmering round brilliant cut diamonds. The body of the lion is beautifully embellished with a geometric black enamel design. Designed to fit up to a 6.5-inch wrist, this remarkable piece comes in its original box. Since 1957, David Webb has been celebrated for creating fascinating and captivating pieces that depict both real and fantastical animals as part of their Kingdom collection. This bracelet exemplifies the masterful craftsmanship and boundless creativity of this iconic jewelry house.