Diamond and Sapphire Necklace -V43655

Emerging from the illustrious atelier of Vivid Diamonds, a paragon of jewelry artisanship is revealed: a necklace that stands as a magnum opus, intricately and elegantly crafted in the cool, ethereal embrace of platinum. This transcendent piece features a procession of 33 GIA-certified sapphires, their cuts alternating between the regal oval and the plush cushion. Hailing from the revered mines of Ceylon, these sapphires collectively weigh an impressive 112 carats, their hues reminiscent of the deepest, most entrancing blues of the ocean. Yet, the magnificence does not end here. Elegantly interspersed between these sapphires are 33 emerald cut diamonds of remarkable brilliance, cumulatively weighing a substantial 25 carats, I-J color, VS-SI clarity. The necklace's dimensions speak of its grandeur, measuring a graceful 16.25 inches in length, with its breadth expanding to a regal 0.4 inches at its most voluptuous sections. This masterpiece carries a significant weight of 66 grams, a testament to its substance and craftsmanship. The Ceylon sapphires are not mere gemstones; they are emblems of nature's artistry. Their beauty, so profound and captivating, has the power to ensnare the senses, making them among the most coveted sapphires globally. This necklace, with its harmonious marriage of diamonds and Ceylon sapphires, is the very definition of timeless elegance and sophistication, destined to be the showstopper at any grand soirée.