Graff 30.6 Carat Diamond Necklace and Earring Suite-V43661

From the illustrious House of Graff, an emblem of sheer luxury and unrivaled craftsmanship emerges. Presenting an enchanting diamond necklace and earring suite, this opulent set is the very essence of grandeur. Artfully wrought in the warm embrace of 18 karat yellow gold, each facet sparkles with the brilliance of meticulously chosen round brilliant cut diamonds, amassing approximately 40 carats in total weight.

The necklace, a veritable masterpiece, showcases diamonds that collectively weigh an impressive 30.60 carats. Radiating an F color and boasting an almost flawless VVS-VS clarity, these gems are set in perfect harmony. With precision, the necklace spans a graceful 15 inches in length and carries a substantial weight of 68 grams, manifesting its gravitas and splendor.

Complementing this symphony of diamonds are the clip-on earrings, an epitome of elegance. They glisten with round brilliant cut diamonds that weigh approximately 9.40 carats in total. These treasures dangle at a regal length of 2.25 inches and have a distinguished weight of 16.5 grams, encapsulating the aura of luxury.

However, what sets the Classic Graff collection apart is not just the brilliance of the gemstones, but the unwavering dedication and artisanship behind each piece. Every creation is a testament to their legacy, meticulously designed and impeccably handcrafted by their revered artisans in the heart of London. This suite, a blend of elegance and perfection, exemplifies the House of Graff's commitment to excellence and its status in the pantheon of luxury jewelry.