Vivid Diamonds 119.13 Carat Diamond Bib Necklace -V43650

Emerging from the esteemed House of Vivid Diamonds is an unparalleled masterpiece of jewelry craftsmanship—a necklace that exudes sheer opulence and elegance. This extraordinary creation boasts a captivating ensemble of pear-shaped, round brilliant-cut, and marquise-cut diamonds. Collectively, they shimmer with an awe-inspiring weight of approximately 119.13 carats, radiating hues ranging from D to G, and flaunting clarities from an impressive SI1 to the pristine VVS.

At the heart of this mesmerizing composition lies a resplendent GIA-certified pear-shaped diamond. This singular gem, which is the crown jewel of the necklace, weighs a notable 2.06 carats and reveals itself in a G color, with an SI1 clarity. A testament to true artistry, the necklace unfolds with a myriad of diamond clusters and intricate garlands that gracefully envelop the neck, akin to a radiant embrace of crystalline dewdrops.

The design of the necklace is an ode to the exquisite gradient in which diamonds can be presented. Measuring a classic 16 inches in length, the structure begins subtly, with a delicate width of .35 inches at the back. It then unfurls and rises, culminating in a majestic expanse of 2.7 inches at its center, capturing the beholder's attention and admiration. Crafted with precision, this magnum opus carries a weight of 174.5 grams, effortlessly merging grandeur with elegance, a hallmark of the House of Vivid Diamonds.