Vivid Diamonds 70 Carat Diamond Cluster bracelet -V44594

This dazzling bracelet, a masterpiece from the House of Vivid Diamonds, is exquisitely fashioned in 18k yellow gold. It showcases a stunning array of 340 mixed-shaped diamonds, collectively weighing an impressive 70 carats. These diamonds, with their I-J color and Si clarity, are meticulously set in a unique free-form cluster design, each held securely by prongs. The bracelet's flexible construction allows for graceful articulation, giving it a fluidity akin to a piece of silk when worn. It boasts generous dimensions, measuring 1.3 inches in width and 7.5 inches in length. The piece has a significant weight of 88.41 grams, reflecting its luxurious quality and the expert craftsmanship of Vivid Diamonds.