Vivid Diamonds GIA Certified 4.63 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring - V43601

From the illustrious atelier of Vivid Diamonds emerges a resplendent ring, meticulously forged in platinum. The pièce de résistance is undoubtedly its GIA-certified round brilliant cut diamond, which weighs 4.63 carats, G color and clarity of SI2, underscoring its formidable allure.


Yet, this is not a solitaire tale. The central diamond is enveloped by a harmonious ensemble of 16 auxiliary diamonds, an elegant potpourri of round brilliant, trillion, and marquise cut diamonds. These smaller gems collectively weigh approximately 1.30 carats and are unified by their consistent G color and VS-SI clarity, forming a celestial halo that further amplifies the scintillation of the main stone.


The ring's exquisite architecture spans a diameter of 10.7mm, presenting an ideal equilibrium between grandiosity and grace. Poised at a size 6, this magnum opus is prepared to adorn the hand that it rightly deserves.


Every facet of this resplendent creation is a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and artistry, making it not merely a ring but an eternal emblem of luxury and elegance. This extraordinary jewel is undeniably destined to enrapture both the connoisseur and the casual observer alike, standing as a luminous symbol of enduring worth and beauty.